Yapo born 26 December 1971 Son of Antoinette Yambala, Yapo Coco Sumba brother of Fely Kotagbia here is a montage of Yapo enjoying life in Paris France enjoy

Yeshua of Nazareth Luke 18:37 & they told him, that Jesus of Nazareth passeth by.
Yeshua: Exploring the Jewish Roots of Jesus | Documentary | Peter Darg | Michael Kalb
Under Heavy Anointing 🔥 Rodney Howard-Brown

Youtube monetization program you'll need 1000 subscribers & 4000 watch hours before being accepted in the program. Youtube persecutes cancer videos if your video doesn't line up with the world health organization your video will be blocked that happened to me recently when i uploaded a video on youtube entitled Panacure cancer cure youtube gave me a rhetorical reason that my video doesn't line up with the FDA so youtube cancelled my video