“Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.” Hippocrates 460BC Let gluathione be thy medicide Let glutathione be thy food, glutathione cures fibromyalgia autoimmune syndrome boosts the immune system anti viral anti bacterial cures herpes cold sores fungus infection, an antioxidant heals acne increases the rate of fluid elimination fights cancer regulates blood sugar levels, helps heal peptic ulcers Glutathione is a nootropic which recycles other antioxidants combats cataract & autoimmune disorder protects the liver helps cells make DNA & breaks down free radicals improves insulin resistance prevents fatty liver improves immune function better than vitamin C anti inflammation increases T cells vital to mitochondrial function repairs telomeres, by age 40 the body makes 30% less glutathione by age 65 50% less glutathione it is important to supplement everyday prevents cancer helps with weight loss

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